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Baking Potato Bags For Microwave Cooking

Works best with a microwave that has a turn table. Potatoes should be scrubbed, dried, you do not prick with a fork. Place 1 - 4 medium potatoes in your Potato Bag. Cook according to your microwave oven's guidelines. Don't exceed the cooking time, as potatoes will continue to cook after they're removed from the microwave oven. Allow the microwaved potato to remain wrapped in the Potato Bag for about two-four minutes in microwave before serving. Works great on sweet potatoes as well. I have been told that carrots cut in chunks work great as well in a fraction of the time it takes on the stove. Just follow instructions for cooking fresh vegetables on your microwave. Turn bag inside out after using to air dry. Bags are 100% cotton and are machine washable & dryable.

Some great toppings for your baked potatoes:
Salsa (preferably chilled)
Chili, grated cheese, and a bit of chopped onion
Taco Meat and shredded lettuce, taco seasoning
Sautéed mushrooms (this one seems quite popular)
Creamed Corn
Pizza sauce and grated mozzarella
Cheese and beans
Chili con carne
Mixed vegetables
Brie, Stilton or grated mature Cheddar
Bacon bits & shredded cheese, sour cream
Cheddar and beans
Cheese and tomato
Hamburger, salsa, cheese
Cold cottage cheese with onion and chives, or lightly dressed coleslaw
Corned beef and horseradish
Scrambled egg, tomato, and green pepper
Vegetable beef soup
Wisconsin Cheese soup
Butter with black onion seeds and a little salt
Slices of smoked sausage (smoked sausage can be heated in a microwave)


Order Bag below. Bag flap color and pattern shown here will change from time to time since each bag is handmade

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Disclaimer for Potato Bags: Please use the Potato Bags according to your microwave instructions and do not leave bags unattended when using. Not recommended for use in microwaves without a working turntable. There have been reports of scorching in some of the newer more powerful microwaves with higher wattage. The use of these designs does not imply that we ensure the safety of these bags. You must determine for yourself if they are safe to use in your microwave. All microwaves have different power levels and so we cannot make recommendations that have not been tested for safety. In other words, use the potato bags at your own risk


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