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Washing And Care Instructions

Both Anvil and Jerzees have their new line of "Stain Guard" shirts. Classroom shirts are the only ones that carry the purple shirt and most of the longsleeve shirts, they have no stain guard.

Wash your shirts as instructed on the label. Your stain guard will last for many washings. Over an extended period of washings, StayClean effectiveness will begin to diminish. The longevity of StayClean effectiveness also depends on how the garment is cared for. For example, the use of fabric softeners can diminish the effectiveness of StayClean. The properties of StayClean™ can be "re-energized" by running the garment through a hot dryer periodically. It doesn't matter whether the shirt is wet or dry.

If a Shirt Shrinks!!!

If you accidently shrink any of your items, try this - Rewash the item in cold water, do not add detergent, add 1 CAPFUL (not cup) of any type of hair conditioner to the water. Run through a regular cycle. When it is done, remove garment, hang to dry, stretching garment back to regular shape. When it is dry, put in dryer on Air Dry with a dryer sheet (like Bounty) for about 10 minutes. When you remove it, it will be back to its original size. Remember, when something shrinks, the fabric does not disappear, it only pulls tight like your hair after washing, the hair conditioner relaxes the fibers and allows the garment to return to its original size.


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